Increase demand for wheat cultivation after the prices of exported

Mr. / Amin Abaza, and Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the high prices of wheat supply and price linked to the global expansion will help in the cultivation of wheat in the new season owing to the increased demand by farmers for cultivation and escape from cultivation of non-traditional crops such as beet after numerous problems that they have faced in marketing, pointing out that Area transcend the barrier of 3 million acres in the new season.

Said Mahmoud Abu Gareb President of the General Assembly of the agrarian reform that the Assembly completed the supply of the necessary quantities of seeds for growing wheat harvest in the new season, which begins this week

He said that the new seeds have been derived through the Agricultural Research Centre brands high productivity and resistance to diseases, in cooperation with the central administration of the Ministry of Agriculture seeds.

He added that the supply of 200 thousand ardebs of wheat seed from plants and Sakha Albzh of the Agricultural Research Centre under the hands of the farmers at the start of agriculture was also supply 25 thousand ardebs of wheat seed Orange for pasta industry in the provinces of Upper Egypt.

He referred Hammouda Director General that it was providing 250 tons of fertilizer for the winter season to meet the needs of wheat growers at the prior contracts between companies and fund production requirements of the Society for the Eradication of bottlenecks faced by the farmers in fertilizers during summer season and said he will be pumping quantities of fertilizer companies stores association in preparation for distribution in accordance with the actual needs of farmers

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