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Agriculture Minister: Gary study the separation of Fisheries on the Red Sea Suez
Wednesday 16/7/2008

Said Amin Abaza, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation study is underway to separate the Red Sea Fisheries of the Suez region to become independent serving some 50 thousand fishermen to preserve in order to alleviate the burdens on fishermen to maintain access to fishing licences and tighten controls on fishing boats using large nets that violate the environment And threaten the marine environment and coral reefs.

The minister said during the lack of forest tree in Hurghada continuing period of veterinary quarantine for beauty Sudanese executors of failure and Aswan for 10 days and to obtain samples from all strings to make sure that they are free from foot and mouth disease and maintain the livestock in Egypt.

For his part, Eng / Majdi Aqbis Red Sea governor that the Minister of Agriculture approved the procedures to separate veterinary quarantine and agricultural quarantine on maintaining the provinces of Qena and Aswan and begin the second phase of the establishment of forest tree on an area of 150 acres on the water sewage treatment plant and the formation of a committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and conservative Red Sea to study the position of food aid project funded by the United Nations Development Bedouins Eastern Desert failure

Source:  The official site of the National Democratic Party
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