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Abou Hadid : Farm shared with Uganda to produce wheat and maize
Tuesday 22/10/2013

Said Ayman Farid Abouhdid , the Minister of Agriculture on Tuesday that it was agreed with Uganda to establish a joint farm to produce wheat and maize as well as the production of seeds for important crops such as corn and some types of vegetables .

This came during a tour by the African ministers of foreign affairs, agriculture and housing to support the cooperation between Egypt and the Nile Basin countries.

During the meeting, show all of the Minister of Agriculture, housing a number of areas of joint cooperation between Egypt and Uganda, where Dr. Abouhdid he met during the visit with Egyptian investor resident in Uganda currently has investments of many and will be opened during the next month Mdzra automatically at the highest level and there will be cooperation between the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture Uganda to import meat from this slaughterhouse .

The Abouhdid that the ministry is currently training 10 engineers Ugandans in the firmware through the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture and the ministry is ready to organize any specialized training courses for agricultural engineers Ugandans stressing that it had invited the Minister of Agriculture of Uganda to visit research institutes of the ARC to be a joint collaboration between the the two countries.

The Prime Minister asked the Ugandan at the beginning of the meeting, an explanation of the position of the current political in Egypt and what happened on June 30 when he said a minister of agriculture and housing that what happened in Egypt on June 30 popular revolution toppled a difference between the Egyptians and the army sided with the will of the masses , which revealed millions took to the streets to ask for change to regain the January revolution which was stolen at the hands of those who claim power in the name of religion .

The Prime Minister of Uganda that they are aware of this extremist ideology and have already measured it and have had at times relations with religious currents did not lead to any positive result .

At the end of the meeting, the Ugandan Prime Minister welcomed the ideas raised, pointing out that he hoped to see the current cooperation in various fields between Egypt and Uganda in order to achieve the common interest of the two countries

Source: egynews
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