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Sunday 22/5/2016
Fayed: Rehabilitation of Alshaba and Ballat Elwadi areas to serve 700 graduates
Dr. Essam Fayed , Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation confirmed that the ministry is leading an urgent plan for the rehabilitation of villages that have been reclaimed and created by the General Authority for Rehabilitation Projects and Agricultural Development, and the land reclamation sector within the framework of the strategy of developing remote areas
Tuesday 17/5/2016
Fayed : We are keen to cooperate with "ACSAD" to achieve sustainable agricultural development .. and the Center of Cairo announces the preparation of an Encyclopedia on sand dunes in the Arab world .
Dr. Essam Fayed , Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation stressed the importance of the role played by the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Drylands "ACSAD", in achieving sustainable agricultural development in the region, as well as taking advantage of the scientific and technical developments in achieving the optimum utilization of agricultural resources and improve the productive capacity of lands in general, and rehabilitation of degraded ones in particular.
Friday 20/5/2016
Board of directors of the Rehabilitation Projects Authority :referring land seisure cases and charges collection to Mahlab committee
The board of directors of the General Authority for Rehabilitation Projects and Agricultural Development confirmed that there is close cooperation with the Commission for recovering looted state lands, which President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi decided to set up and be headed by Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab, to recover the looted state lands and collect dues .
Thursday 12/5/2016
The Ministry of Agriculture ": the receipt of 2.1 million tons of wheat in the Republic so far
The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation announced that the total amounts of wheat supplied to the barns of the Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit, hangars and silos of the Ministry of Supply & Internal Trade, so far amounted to about 2.0001 million tons all over the governorates of the Republic.
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