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Tuesday 9/9/2014
PM Ibrahim Mahlab met with the Mauritanian Minister of Agriculture
PM Ibrahim Mahlab met with the Mauritanian Minister of Agriculture, in the presence of Dr. Adel al-Beltagi, the Minister of Agriculture to discuss ways of joint cooperation between the two countries.
Tuesday 30/10/2012
Means to facilitate the procedures of various agricultural projects the New Valley region
Met today Dr. Salah Abdul Momin Governor of New Valley Admiral/ Tariq Mahdi to discuss ways to facilitate the procedures for various agricultural projects
Wednesday 11/6/2008
Egyptian Aharnkc address cancer, AIDS and tuberculosis
Happened researcher Dr. Ali Faraj Sheikha teacher Assistant Faculty of Agriculture and the University of Menoufiya University BLANC League envoy to France, first prize in the Tenth Conference of medicinal and aromatic plants, organized by the city of GRASSE, France, on his research by the conference on the importance of medical and food to fruit Aharnkc
Thursday 31/1/2008
Rashid pays tribute to Alexandria in a new factory for the production of fertilizers
A number of small organic fertilizer factories in Upper Egypt governorates to meet the needs of agricultural expansion in the next phase, implementation of the assignment of President Hosni Mubarak in his election platform
Tuesday 30/10/2012
Dr. Hisham Qandil Prime Minister held a meeting with Captain veterinarians
Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Hisham Qandil morning meeting with Dr. Sami Taha captain veterinarians in the presence of Dr. Salah Abdul Momin Minister of Agriculture and 6 members of the union, which includes about 50 thousand veterinarian at the level of the Republic
Wednesday 24/10/2012
Precautionary measures taken by the ministry to ensure the safety of meat in the feast
Dr. Hassan Shafiq Vice President General Authority for Veterinary Services has been addressing all Directorates of Veterinary Medicine at the level of the republic to declare a state of emergency in the massacres and prevent Vacations and strengthen powers of veterinary doctors veterinarians to prepare the necessary as well as cooperation with officials sweeteners to complete the maintenance and restoration in massacres current her work maintenance and to receive large numbers of Almzbouhat as well as the emphasis on doctors inspect meat and meat products to the follow-up sales outlets from butcher shops and supermarkets,etc.
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